Ontario Champions, Toronto Boca Juniors and friends offer to play AMF Canadian team in a friendly challenge


UPDATE: The AMF team did not respond to the match challenge.

Toronto Boca Juniors, the current 2x OSA Futsal Cup Champions and Toronto Futsal League’s defending playoff champions have offered a challenge to the AMF Canadian team that is travelling to Colombia this Sunday to compete in the AMF World Cup. Will they accept the challenge?

Toronto Boca Juniors Manager, Juan Gonzalez, called Futsal Canada earlier today and said they’d like to challenge the AMF Canadian squad, made up of a mix of players from AMF leagues in Toronto, London and Montreal.

 “Most teams already know that the best mens competition is in the Toronto FIFA league so we thought why not step up and challenge the AMF Canadian team and see what they got? Most of their players play in the AMF Toronto league so let’s do it up. Plus, it’s a benefit for them to get a game against some good competition before they go to Colombia for the AMF World Cup. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a great game between AMF and FIFA teams?”

One of Boca’s players, Marcelo Oertal is on the AMF team so Gonzalez has said they would welcome a couple of guest players from other teams, including their longtime rivals, Futsal Club Toronto.

It will be interesting to see if this intriguing match could be put together before the AMF team flies out on Sunday.

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