One of the most important aspects of advancing Canadian futsal is having children of all ages playing at schools. Our primary goal is to have the first ball a child kicks in school be a futsal ball, like it is in Brazil and Spain; two of the top futsal nations and home to some of the most technically superior futsal and soccer players of all time.

Our Futsal for School program aims to develop, grow, and support educational institutions at all levels. We assist educators, physical education departments, and boards with everything needed for a successful and long-term program focused coaching and athlete development, regulations, competitions, and quality training equipment.

With concussions, insurance, facility damages, out-dated equipment, and tighter athletic budgets increasingly becoming vital issues for schools, futsal is the absolute ideal game for Canadian schools.

Whether you are involved at kindergarten, primary school, high school, or post-secondary we can help introduce futsal into your school or regional board. Our goal is to have futsal at the youngest of ages all the way through high schools and to build a national team player pool and elite competitions through the CCAA and U Sports pathways.

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