Futsal Canada is the first and only organization in the country to have successfully established the first youth futsal player identification F-PIC’s program. Regional tryouts for the 2024/25 season will commence in October 2024. If your club or league is interested in being a part of it then reach out to us here

Established in 2011 the program has expanded from high level training to organized teams that have competed against the United States National Youth Teams. The primary objective of F-PIC’s is to present high performance opportunities to our top youth players and prepare them for international competition with the guidance and support with many of the best futsal coaches in the country.

The program started in 2014 when Canada faced the United States at the Pan American Sports Centre in Toronto. Tryouts and assessments usually operate in late summer/ early fall culminating in a three-day competition after Christmas and finishing before New Year’s Eve. Each year four full teams (two boys and two girls) are selected before engaging in an intense and tremendously valuable training camp to prepare for the matches. The past campaigns have been led by a dedicated coaching team led by four-time Canadian National Team Assistant Coach and three-time national champion, Lorenzo Redwood.

What we are looking for first and foremost are motivated and dedicated players who wish to be identified and trained in preparations for future international competitions. Futsal has its own World Cup, for both men’s and women’s, through FIFA which should be the ultimate long-term goal of any player. Futsal was introduced in the 2018 Youth Olympics in Argentina and will also be in the Youth Olympics in Dakar 2026, with the sport widely expected to be in the Olympic Games in under a decade. The opportunities exist, if you are willing to seize them.

If you are a league/club/organization wishing to host an F-PIC’s camp contact us. If you are a player interested in trying out you will see if your league owner/operator and interested in being considered to host a tryout feel free to reach out as well. Futsal Canada does not discriminate against any affiliation a player, may have with a club or academy, we are simply looking for the hungriest and most committed to represent. We will even assist each player’s club/academy with developing futsal within their own organization as a way of giving back and enhancing the sport.