Futsal Canada Partnering with the Brazilian Futsal Federation


A historic partnership for Canadian futsal as Futsal Canada will now be collaborating closely with the Brazilian Futsal federation (CBFS) after meeting this past week at CBFS headquarters in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Louise Bedê, Kris Fernandes, and Renan Tavares with the Brazilian National Futsal Team kit

Futsal Canada Director Kris Fernandes sat down with new CBFS President Renan Taveres and Vice President of Administration Louise Bedê to discuss a variety of topics in a move designed to strengthen ties between the two nations.

The CBFS is widely recognized as one of the world´s elite futsal specific organizations and the agreement will allow Canadian futsal to benefit greatly from their years of expertise.

One area that that both parties will immediately work on is in the coaching realm. With more talks shortly on the way the aim will be to have one of the best futsal coaching instructors in the world come to Canada this fall to conduct a Brazilian futsal coaching certification course.

“Our leagues start in October/November and we have tremendous interest to bring in an elite Brazilian coach to conduct courses and lectures to our professionals who are hungry for knowledge. The idea is that the CBFS will bring one of their best over to Canada since there is an ongoing process to start their National Training Training Schools, and many Brazilians, such as Fernando Ferretti, are recognized for their world class futsal instruction.”, says Fernandes.

Another item to be worked on with great excitement will be towards bringing the Brazilian National Team to Canada for a friendly match in early 2015. With seven world titles, including their current reign as two-time FIFA Futsal World Cup Champions, by far more than any other nation, the Brazilian Futsal Team is an iconic force in the international arena and a visit will certainly generate huge interest and be greeted with open arms from the Canadian futsal and soccer communities.

With legends such as Falcão, Manoel Tobias, Schumacher, and 2012 World Cup MVP Neto all having suited up for the Seleção over the years, the quality of this squad is always highly entertaining and would truly be a treat to Canadian futsal supporters young and old.

“With a well-designed project everything is possible. We will stay in contact, make any necessary indications, and help canadians in everything viable that they are interested in. The most important thing is to make more people aware of futsal and admire the sport and we will do everything we can to help Canadian futsal grow.”, said Tavares.

“This partnership truly focuses on Canadian futsal development first and foremost while also putting us on the international map. We are truly excited and honoured to be working with Mr. Tavares and the CBFS in what we all feel is the start of a mutually beneficial long-term partnership that will leave a lasting legacy for the sport in our country.”, Fernandes added.

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