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The Umbro Futsal Awards by wrapped up today with the grand award for player of the year being handed out. Not too many players can do what this one can, the winner is…

For all the winners check the top right section of the home page and you’ll see great words by’s Luca Ranocchiari along with some great photos courtesy of some excellent photographers.


Last instants of suspense, we’re ready. Ready for what? Basically to write the word “end” on the UMBRO Futsal Awards 2010, the 11th amazing edition of the annual prizes released by We will do this through the announce of the eagerly awaited category that celebrates the Best Player of the World. About twelve months ago the phenomenal Kike was “the one”, what about the year 2010? We’re not in Murcia anymore, we have moved to… Gondomar, Lisbon, Nagoya and… Moscow! Right guys, standing ovation for a guy called Ricardo Filipe da Silva Braga! Who’s him? Don’t be silly and pay tribute to the Best Player of the World for the UMBRO Futsal Awards 2010 – 11th Edition by o mágico Ricardinho!

Absolute idol (Photo courtesy: Luis Neves)

UEFA Futsal Cup: tears of joy
Even the best players of the world can cry, depending on the situation. And yes, there were tears on the Ricardinho‘s face after such a prestigious achievement. A title that some players can just dream on, 9.400 benfiquistas shouting your name, cause you’re their idol, futsal idol. There were tears, cause the tickets to Nagoya were already in his pocket, “another little piece of his heart” to be lost leaving Lisbon, moving so far from the native Gondomar. There were tears, cause for the first ever time a portuguese club was on the top: no more spanish, russian, belgian, just lusitan power. There were tears, cause he was aware of having played an unforgettable final four. Tears, probably the sweetest ones ever cried.

Life in Japan
But a sport life is made of challenges, and the Ricardinho‘s one was Japan. One of the most relevant signings of futsal history took the portuguese star to the japanese champions of Nagoya Oceans. Marketing or futsal? Maybe both, but the only sure point is that the Nagoya management won’t regret this choice: Oceans Arena Cup and one more title of F League with Ricardinho flying high for the entire season, making japanese fans crazy. Winning season, winning challenge.

It’s some kind of magic: the best ever goal
Until some seasons ago Ricardinho seemed to be a “youtube player”. He was pure spectacle, pure talent in the pitch but tended to disappear in the basic moment of a game. But that was just a matter of time, as the lusitan star turned into a “real player”, as clearly shown during the UEFA Futsal Cup Final Four and previously as well. Once turned from being a boy to a man, Ricardinho decided to come back on youtube with a perfect timing, few days before the end of the year. How? Well, just scoring what is probably the best ever goal of worldwide futsal, something that the Pescadola Machida’s keeper won’t easily forget. No words are needed, just have a look at the video at the bottom.

Departures: Nagoya-Moscow flight
We told that: it’s a matter of challenges, and life choices as well. No more Japan, not for now at least. It’s time to fly towards Moscow, the CSKA fans are waiting for… some kind of magic.

Ladies & gentlemen, we’re at the end of this great futsal party, let’s just confirm Ricardinho as winner of the Best Player of the World category of the UMBRO Futsal Awards 2010 – 11th Edition by!!

Omedetou Ricardinho!

UMBRO Futsal Awards by

Best Player of the World – Winners
2010 -> Ricardinho (Por)
2009 -> Kike (Esp)
2008 -> Schumacher (Bra)
2007 -> Vladislav Shayakhmetov (Rus)
2006 -> Falcão (Bra)
2005 -> Javi Rodriguez (Esp)
2004 -> Falcão (Bra)
2003 -> Adriano Foglia (Bra)
2002 -> Manoel Tobias (Bra)
2001 -> Manoel Tobias (Bra)
2000 -> Manoel Tobias (Bra)

The celeber no look pass, registered trademark by Ricardinho (Photo courtesy: Luis Neves)
Photos courtesy: Nagoya Oceans

Japanese star... from Gondomar! (Photo courtesy: Nagoya Oceans)


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