Wanderers’ U16 Girls Futsal Champions

Bolton Wanderers U16 Girls Team



Wanderers’ U16 Girls Futsal champions

Friday April 24 2009

In an effort to further develop skills and speed under pressure, the Bolton Wanderers’ Under 16 Girls played Futsal this past winter.

Futsal is a variant of soccer played indoors with a smaller ball that has less bounce than a regulation soccer ball. The turf field is about the size of a basket ball court. Kick-ins and corner kicks are part of the game, however under a time requirement. Balls are required to be put back in play within four seconds. Futsal rules create an emphasis on improvisation, creativity, and technique, as well as ball control and passing in small spaces. And, no contact makes for a very fast paced game. Working hard and having a lot of fun, Bolton’s U16 Girls improved their game immensely. And the results were there for all to see.

Sunday, April 5 saw the Wanderers’ U16 Girls’ Premier team end their indoor Futsal season with an almost perfect record. The team won 11 of their 12 games, finished first in the league and captured the championship in a well fought final. Proud of the entire squad, coach David Vanstone congratulated the girls on their ongoing dedication, hard work and commitment to the team.
Also, given today’s economic challenges, the squad commends the team’s official sponsors for their community support and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The generosity of Dom-Meridan and Cora’s Breakfast and Lunch on Highway 50 has helped bridge the gap between what the girls wish to do and what they can do.

The team is looking for more results oriented players with a strong work ethic. Details for those born in 1993 are available from the team’s coach at (905) 951-7994.

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