New Partnership Establishes the New Toronto Futsal League


Toronto- Every fall it’s hard for futsal players in  he Greater Toronto Area to decide which futsal league they’re going to play in. With 5 leagues of various rules throughout the Toronto area that usually play on weekends, players and clubs were often forced to select one or the other. Well this season should be a little easier as two leagues have merged to become the Toronto Futsal League.

Although there was an AMF rules league that used the same name, this new Toronto Futsal League is a newly established league that plays futsal under the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game and have registered the name as an Ontario not-for-profit corporation. The league will initially be registered under the Toronto Soccer Association for its first season. 

The Toronto Central Futsal League, run for 5 years at various gyms by the Delgado family has joined forces with the Toronto Futsal League Men’s Premier Division to offer the top level of men’s competition in the province along with an expanded 16 team 2nd Division league that will feature 8 teams in both west and east conferences.

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