Womens Professional Futsal in Brazil


Now, a little something for the ladies. Futsal, like every sport, is not limited to the guys. In Brazil for example, there is a fantastic professional womens futsal league with 12 teams in the top flight and we’d like to share some excellent photos and links to some awesome match video all courtesy of Canadian futsal pioneer Carlos Mateus and the Brazilian Futsal Federation’s (CBFS) website. Every Canadian girl should realize there is a lot of promise for them in futsal, so keep training and playing hard.

It is our quest as Futsaldiers (get it?) to bring the game to the levels that the NBA, NFL, NCAA, NHL, MLS experience. Getting there will no doubt take a long time but it will get done eventually. Part of reaching the summit is by promoting womens futsal and frankly it doesn’t get any better than what the Liga Feminina offers. Some of these womens teams could beat some very good mens teams in North America.

Once there is an established FIFA Womens Futsal World Cup, futsal will become an Olympic sport. There are a lot of hard-working people trying to make this a reality for the Summer Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. What a perfect place for the first futsal Olympics eh?

Thanks to the CBFS and Carlos Mateus for some of these photos. Carlos was one of the true Canadian futsal pioneers out in Nanimo, BC during the 1980’s along with Leo Beier. His website is below and features some historical Canadian futsal nuggets.

MATCH FOOTAGE: http://www.futsaldobrasil.com.br/2009/fichatecnica/index2.php?idCompeticao=130&idJogo=3622

Carlos Mateus’ website. www.futsalcanada.blopspot.com

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