OSA Futsal Conference set for June 25th in Toronto


The Ontario Soccer Association’s Futsal Committee will be hosting the Ontario Futsal Conference on June 25th from 9am-5pm at The Holiday Inn Express in Vaughan

We would like to extend a warm and welcome invitation to you to come out and learn more about the game and how it can benefit your membership by networking with those already established in the sport, and to learn how The Ontario Soccer Association can assist you in starting a high-quality Futsal program for your District Association or Region.

We would like to have all current Futsal league directors along with the influential decision makers from all 21 District Associations attend the Futsal Conference. Over the last few years Futsal has become an increasingly popular sport both around the world and here across the Province of Ontario. With this growth came new leagues that have formed in several different areas such as Thornhill, Erin Mills and Durham Region. Furthermore, many Futsal leagues have been flourishing within the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Kitchener/Waterloo, London, Owen Sound, and Sudbury among others for a number of years now and we are striving hard to continue this growth.

Futsal is an exciting game which allows players to better develop technique, movement, tactical awareness, and fitness. It is played on basketball-sized courts, both indoors and out, without the use of sidewalls. Futsal is also a less expensive and safer alternative than many other variations of indoor soccer. With the surface area being smaller players are consistently placed in situations where they receive or pass a ball while under pressure. Players receive more touches per game on average than they do in both outdoor and 7-a-side indoor soccer and these touches, of course, help them develop better skills.

To date, Futsal has grown from 3,900 players last season to 4,600 players in this 2010-2011 season. With the growth of registrations comes the growth and interest in Futsal coaching and refereeing. The game of Futsal has accomplished many things this past season. A FIFA Coaching Course was completed in Quebec in October 2010 by a hand selected group of individuals eager to grow the sport of Futsal. Developing the sport is our number one priority and we will do so by slowly enhancing our scope by adding new elements into our growing collection of programs.

If you are able to attend the Futsal Conference, please provide us with your contact information including your name, business/cell number, the District Association you are from, and your email address. Please respond by June 3, 2011 to Miranda Degliangeli mdegliangeli@soccer.on.ca. We will provide more information closer to the event date. We look forward to your response and your attendance at the Ontario Futsal Conference.

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