Introducing F-PIC’s – Futsal Player Identification Camps


Calling all futsal players: The London Canadian Futsal League (LCFL) and Toronto Futsal League (TFL) have come to an agreement this week to establish a new series of futsal player identification camps starting this season called F-PIC’s. It is believed to be the first program of its kind in Canada and will initially focus on identifying the best futsal talent at two age groups: 14-18 and 18+.

The purpose of F-PIC’s is to find the best youth and adult talent and put them together in extensive training that will include in-classroom teachings along with video analysis, on-court training, and exhibition mini-games. The selected venue for the first F-PIC will be at Seneca College in Toronto, home of the TFL and although dates have not been finalized they are most likely to take place on selected Saturdays starting in early 2011.

The idea came about at a dinner meeting between members of various Ontario leagues earlier this year and talks gradually progressed with London and Toronto eventually finally signing on first, one and a half before the start of the regular season. The thought for the program originated from the growing frustration at the lack of any futsal budget from the CSA. Despite having a small futsal section on its website, there hasn’t been a friendly match, training camp, or player identification program in over 6 years and the last team to represent Canada was a championship club team from Toronto that paid their own way to compete at the 2008 Grand Prix in Brazil.

Selected players will need to only focus on developing their skills as costs will be paid entirely by the F-PIC’s program. Those coming from out of town will be able to take advantage of significant discounts for accomodation.

Although the identification process won’t be limited only to futsal-specific players, coaches and scouts will certainly have their eyes focused on Ontario and Quebec futsal leagues first for talent. In addition to London and Toronto, the OCFL (Ottawa/Carleton Futsal League), Owen Sound FL, Liga Montreal, Sudbury FL, will be also be looked at during the fall portion of the season along with the half season leagues that start in January. Though distances may deter some players from out of Ontario, futsallers from all provinces are still welcome to get in contact to get involved.

An interesting and positive note sees futsal players from AMF rules leagues also being welcome to participate in order to fully integrate the best futsal talent, regardless of affiliation. Indoor soccer players are being encouraged to show their interest by contacting either of the two leagues and will be looked at via seperate weekday evening futsal trials sometime in December and early January. Coaches, parents, players, and league operators who believe they have a diamond in the rough should also get in contact.

The program will start small in year 1, likely limited 2-3 sessions and for the top 30-40 players in each group, but it is a start with an end game.

Major tournaments such as the CONCACAF Futsal Championships, 2012 FIFA Futsal World Cup in Thailand, the 2015 Pan-American Games in Toronto, and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are events that players from F-PIC’s will be aiming to compete in. Hopefully with constant grassroots futsal investmens such as this, the CSA will start investing money into the sport to give a platform for the elite futsallers to perform on.




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