Hamilton Futsal gets sanctioned


The Hamilton Futsal League has been accepted by the Hamilton and District Soccer Association which now allows them to be a sanctioned futsal league. The newest member of Futsal Canada will launch operations for the 2014/15 season.


League operator Pete Townsend – no, not the legendary guitarist from The Who – was looking to establish a futsal league in the Hamilton region for a while. After attending the Futsal Canada League Owners and Operators Conference this past summer, Townsend decided to get the gears going and put in his application. This past week the district has accepted the application and will unveil its newest member this Saturday at the district AGM.

The league will aim to offer wide ranging programs for both youth and adults at a series of schools across the Hamilton region starting in the fall of 2014. More information regarding the Hamilton Futsal will be coming soon.


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