Fabulous Futsal


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Fabulous Futsal

February 06, 2009

A futsal team composed of 10 youth soccer players from Quesnel has been invited to participate in the Northern B.C. Winter games in Mackenzie Feb. 12-15.

“Futsal is faster, has fewer players, and there are more touches on the ball,” Quesnel coach Mike Page said.

“The transition of the ball results in more goals being scored.

“All of these things help make a better soccer player.”


The quick, challenging game improves ball handling skills will emphasizing improvisation, technique and creativity.

As Futsal is not currently a QYSA program, a survey was distributed amongst soccer youth, which generated enough interest to assemble a Junior Boys 12-14 year old team.

Originating in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1930, Futsal is a modified version of indoor soccer.

It’s a five-aside, skills game played indoors on a hard court surface that utilizes a smaller, weighted soccer ball.

Because it is played on a hard court surface, the artificial turf at the indoor soccer field could not be utilized by the Quesnel team, which instead practiced at Maple Park Alliance Church.

The team has been training hard and coach Page is confident the players will serve as good ambassadors for the city of Quesnel at the Games.

Page will accompany the team to the Northern BC Winter Games along with assistant coach Mike Harlos.

Although Futsal does not utilize the indoor soccer field, QYSA Executive Director Allan Shedlock is in favor of the program.

“We’re here to promote health in our youth in any way we can,” Shedlock said.

“QYSA does things for the community and going to the Northern BC Winter Games is a great opportunity for the boys.”

Not only has the Futsal team gained the support of the QYSA but also that of the community, as several local businesses have offered to sponsor the team.

“This kind of support not only helps financially, but gives recognition to efforts that promote a healthy lifestyle in our community,” Shedlock said.

“With the amount of interest and support for Futsal, we are sure to see more of this game in Quesnel.”

For information regarding Futsal contact QYSA at 250-992-2223 or check the website at www.qysa.ca.

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