CONCACAF North/Central Zone Series Prelims

Canada vs Panama Futsal

CONCACAF North/Central Zone Series Preliminaries

Canada defeated Panama in the first match to qualify for the final CONCACAF qualifying stage for Chinese Taipei. Here is a report of the match (English and Spanish text)

Canada managed to defeat Panama, the second match will be carried out today, Saturday, to 7 at night, in the hall “Roberto Mano de Piedra Durán” (

The selection of futsal of Canada overcame the marker in second half of the match, watering down to him the celebration to the equipment of Panama, in the first game of the eliminatory one of this modality. The game, celebrated last night in the hall “Roberto Mano de Piedra Durán”, finished in favor of Canadian the 5 by 4, who were surprised in the first part by the local set. The spectators who attended the match were excited in the beginning of the game, when the Panamanians managed to write down four goals. Nevertheless, Canada was very patient and calculating in the game, obtaining to overcome the score little by little. The game, by the effective attack of Panama in first half, was very intense. Panama opened the score by Enrique Valdés, although their rivals reacted fast, obtaining a goal by Guiliano Oliviero. Again Valdés was made feel in the marker, leaving the result 2-1. The other Panamanian goals were by Gilberto Rangel, in free shot, and Moises Williamson, in individual play. Canada, that its style with shots of outside imposed, and good performance of doorman Bradley Daviss, matched own in second half with goals of Selaidopoulos, Gordon Chin and Guiliano Oliviero, sentencing.

Canada: 1 Glenn Gehlert, Kurt Dosch, 3 Chris Handsor, 5 Williams de Silva, 6 Jaime Lotresti, 7 Kyriakos Selaidopoulos, 8 Gordon Chin, 9 Guiliano Oliviero, 10 Sipho Sibiya, 11 King Tiarnan, 22, Bradley Daviss.
Coach: Ross Ongaro

Panama 1 Melatón Abraham, 2 Juan Murillo, 3 Lombardo Angel, 4 Alvaro Lopez, 6 Ameth De Leon, 7. Moisés Williams, 8 Gilberto Rangel, 9 Enrique Valdés, 10 Apolinar Gálvez, 11 Alquis Alvarado, 12 Jose Victory, 14 Alexis Cubillas
Coach: Babau Asunpcao.

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