2011 Bob Rathwell Memorial Tournament Results


Here are the results of the Bob Rathwell Memorial Tournament that went down this past weekend. Bob Rathwell is a legend in the Canadian futsal community, especially in Ottawa where he helped build it to become the largest futsal league in the country.

U14 Girls Semi Storm Stingers (2) vs Storm Blizzard (1)
U14 Girls Semi WOS Marushko (1) GU14 vs Chelsea Heat (0)
U16 Girls Final  Lightning (2) vs WOS Mason (3) GU14 – GG
U14 Girls Final Storm Stingers (3) vs WOS Marushko (4) – GG
U12 Boys Final Junior Phenoms (0) vs Rockland Knights 1999 (4)
U14 Boys Consolation WOS Brannan (1)  BU12 vs Nepean Storm (3)
U14 Boys Semi WOS Dehler BU14 (2) vs St. Anthonys Cougars (3)
U14 Boys Semi WOS Charette BU14 (1) vs Gloucester Hornets (6)
U16 Boys Semi Gryphons (2)  vs Dynamos – A (1) – PK
U16 Boys Semi Nepean Storm (2) vs Kingston Utd (1)
U14 Boys Final St. Anthonys Cougars *1) vs Gloucester Hornets (2)
U16 Boys Final Gryphons (3) vs Nepean Storm (4)

First,  number 1 team for excitement is the St. Anthony’s Cougars.    The semi final with WOS Dehler was the number one most intense game of the tournament.   They took an early 3 goal lead and then let WOS back in with 2 in the second half,  until the final whistle blew in was nail biting excitement.   One of the WOS players said it was the most intense game of his life,  he left losing and still smiling.     If they keep this up we are going to need a set of cardiac paddles in the gym.    Oh,  did I say ‘if’  the finals against the  Gloucester Hornets was just as close,  in fact going into golden goal and then a shoot out which was only settled in sudden death penalty shots.  The winner actually hitting both posts before it went in. 

The “Hey this Futsal thing is Fun” award needs to go to a) WOS girls who took both the U14 and U16 championships – first time you say ??? and b) the team U12 Loups-Garous team who waiting until the final game to 1) score and b) put the 4-0 round robin team to the test.  

The “Come back kids”.  The Storm U16 boys were down 3-1 to the Kanata Griffens with about 5 minutes left .   The Storm won the game,  scoring three goals in short order, the last with 30 seconds left on a 10 meter penalty kick.   A fitting end to the tournament.  In the previous semi final,   The Griffens had needed a shootout win to advance over the Fury boys while the Storm boys needed to score with seconds on the clock to avoid OT. 

The girls were no slouch on the excitment front.    All the games being settled by a single goal,   and both finals by a golden goal.  I managed to see the WOS team team score on the Nepean Storm Stingers in OT on a fabulous strike into the top corner from the far right.   A real beauty

The “fair play” award  goes to Junior Phenoms (U12 Boys) – this was one of the few/only  OCFL made up teams.   They finished the round robin 4-0 loosing the finals to Rockland.  Throughout the tournament they played fair,  were great sports and showed respect for their opponents.  

Another team which I though showed great fortitude was the U12 WOS boys (Brannan) who decided to play U14 and gave it one heck of go.   Yes,  they were up against some long odds but they performed like champs.   

My op ed piece.

Next year,   what ever team (dome or gym) you are playing on think back and sign up.    Tell your coach how much fun it is.    Tell your team mates what a blast.   Everyone I talked to tells me how much they like it,  how much fun it is and how they can’t wait to play again.    Be ambassadors,  go out on a limb and bring in your friends and team mates.   Fustal is the game that will propel Canada into the world ranks of soccer.    It just takes time (and a few fanatics)

Scott Sargent,   BR cup – youth tournament.
email: ocfl.sargent@gmail.com


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