Quebec/Ontario AMF Club Championship results


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( editor’s note: This event certainly must have been an AMF rules tournament and not FIFA but we published it as many players involved in these games are now involved with FIFA leagues. Also this was not a Canadian wide event but included only teams from Quebec and Ontario. This was not an officialy sanctioned national championship)

TROIS-RIVIÈRES, Québec (4-25-04) – The Toronto Twister defeated FC Trois-Rivières, 5-4, in a penalty kick shootout to win the Canadian Futsal Club Championship 2004 here today and will continue to the Panamerican Futsal Club Championship August 17-22, 2004, in Lima, Peru.

FC Granby defeated FC Strathroy Benfica, 3-0, to win the consolation match.

Toronto will compete in the North Group along with the club champions of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Netherlands Antilles, Costa Rica, Mexico and the U.S.

The South Group, to be held in Argentina, will include defending-champion FC Rubio Nu of Paraguay and the club champions of Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, special-guest Australia, and host Argentina.

The best two clubs in each group will play a final four round robin in Paraguay or Argentina between October and December, 2004.

Summary of the Canadian Final:

Sunday April 25, 2004
City of Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

Toronto Twister 5, Trois-Rivières 4 (4-4 after regular time. Toronto Twister won on penalty shots.)

Toronto Twister roster;
#12-Baher Saka (Goalkeeper)
#4-Denny Velastegui
#5-Ivan Galarza
#6-Leo Laurito (3 goals)
#7-Miles O’Connor
#8-Adiel Guilherme (2 goals)
#9-Rafael Fuentes
#10-Armstrong Hidalgo
#13-Matthew O’Connor
#18-Cheney Valadares (Captain)
Coach: Mario Carranza
Assistant coach: Manoel De Oliveira
Manager: Kleber Moreira

FC Trois-Rivières roster;
#12-Étienne Tardif (Goalkeeper/captain)
#1-Raphaël Gauthier (Goalkeeper)
#2-Yannick Goudreault
#4-Patrice Héroux
#5-Frédéric Soubrier (2 goals)
#7-Sébastien Poulin-Vallières (1 goal)
#8-Jean-Louis Bessé
#9-David Hamelin
#10-Eddy Ménard (1 goal)
#11-David Lafrenière
Coach: Juan Montecinos

1-Andrew Jasinski/Ontario
2-Bill Teeuwen/Ontario
3-Jean-Louis Goyette/Québec
4-Tommy Blais/Québec

3rd place result:
FC Granby 3 FC Strathroy Benfica 0

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