About Futsal Canada


Futsal in Canada is growing. Soccer is already the most popular amateur sport in Canada, and Futsal is positioned to become one of the top indoor sports in the country, accelerating the skills of amateur and professional players of the indoor and outdoor games.

Futsalcanada.ca exists to help grow the sport of Futsal in Canada, through resource sharing, running tournaments and events, and lobbying for increased funding for, support for, and recognition of the sport at the educational, amateur, and professional levels. 

Based in Toronto, Ontario, at the heart of the most futsaller-rich region in the country, Futsalcanada.ca operates tournaments and events in and around the city. 

Futsalcanada.ca CEO Kris Fernandes is widely known as a man possessed by Futsal and is immersed in seemingly every aspect of the game. He is the coach of Toronto City Futsal Club, a talented new team of players who compete across Canada and the US. He is also currently serving his second consecutive term as a member on the Ontario Soccer Association’s Futsal Committee and is the Executive Director of the FIFA rulles Toronto Futsal League.

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