40+ new futsal referees added in Ontario and Quebec


Futsal isn’t just growing in numbers of teams and players. Canada recently gained over 40 newly certified futsal referees this past month with courses being conducted in Kingston, Montreal, and Toronto.

Class of 2013: 25 new referees finish their exams at a recent OSA futsal course in Toronto.

OSA Futsal Referee Instructors Bob Tibbo and Wally Illman were quite busy this fall as the duo taught a series of futsal certification course in Quebec and Ontario. Tibbo, Chair of the OSA Futsal Committee and one of Canada’s most respected futsal referees, conducted courses in Montreal and Kingston while Illman, the mustached favourite of teams across the Trillium province, conducted a soldout course in Toronto.

By far and away the hardest job in all of futsal due to the intensified noise in gymnasiums and the extreme focus required for each match, refereeing still appeals to many because of the sheer excitement of the game as well as the growing opportunities at the international level.

Congratulations to all the referees that passed the course and welcome to the Canadian futsal family. If you are interested in becoming a futsal referee simply contact your local provincial association and they will gladly assist you.

North York referee Sofiane Saada recently did his first futsal games after successfully
completing a futsal certification course.

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