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GOALKEEPER OF THE YEAR: Since the introduction of this category our “trip” was spent between Europe (Luis Amado in 2003 & 2004, Sergey Zuev in 2008) and South America (Tiago, 2007 and Santiago Elias, 2009) but now is time to move to Asia. Ladies & gentlemen, clap your hands for Mostafa Nazari, winner of the Best Goalkeeper of the World category of the UMBRO Futsal Awards 2010!

Good friends are basic in life: Vahid Shamsaee and Mostafa Nazari (Photo courtesy: Damian Briggs)

World Stars member and League dominance
27-28 December 2009, few hours before the beginning of the new year: Mostafa Nazari is in the World Stars team selected for two friendlies vs Brazil. No worries, in the following text you’ll understand the reason why he was there!
The wonderful year 2010 of Mostafa Nazari registered an early celebration at the end of February, when Foolad Mahan Esfahan closed the Iranian Superleague 2009 with no rivals. A “+60” goal average was the best decription for the “human wall” defending the club goal, hard life for iranian strikers.

Making history in Asian Futsal
There are a lot of texts containing the following sentence: “futsal is a sport in its infancy”. That’s not 100% true, but no doubts that we’re still in a development process which changes depending on the countries. Asian futsal is getting bigger and running fast, the introduction of the Asian Futsal Club Championships held in 2010 is there to prove it. And, you know, when a new competition begins, the first ever winners get a place of honor in its history. This was the case of Foolad Mahan Esfahan, counting on great players and a special goalkeeper: Mostafa Nazari.

“Usual stuff”
In few months Mostafa Nazari turned from the absolute debut in the club competition to the “traditional” challenge in the AFC Futsal Championships destinated to national teams. There were doubts on Iran, travelling to Tashkent without their star Vahid Shamsaee and with a good number of countries ready to challenge after having dramatically increased their level. But they were reckoning without other’s host, including the outstanding number 12 shirt weared by Nazari.

Thai triumph, Grand Prix confirmation
The Tashkent victory went one month after one more triumph got by Nazari and his team mates, we refer to the Thailand 5’s tournament played in April in Udon Thani. How to overcome top nations like Argentina, Thailand and Uzbekistan? With a goalie like Nazari you can definitely think about it! The last big event of the Nazari perfect year was given by the fourth place achieved in the Grand Prix tournament 2010. An event “full of stars” in which Nazari and Iran confirmed their status of futsal worldwide power. Thailand 2012 is waiting for them!

Tiago’s words
If you are recognized by your friends and “usual fans” you surely enjoy, but when a “top rival” like Tiago express words of admiration for you… well, is something different! Those declarations were made in early 2011 (after friendlies between Brazil and Iran) but represent a perfect summary of the Nazari’s 2010. “Admiro muito o trabalho dele. É um grande goleiro”.

So, it seems Asia has a new star to celebrate, as Mostafa Nazari is the winner of the Best Goalkeeper of the World category of the UMBRO Futsal Awards 2010 – 11th Edition by Futsalplanet.com!

PAST WINNERS of Best Goalkeeper in the world
2010 -> Mostafa Nazari (Foolad Mahan Esfahan & Iran)
2009 -> Santiago Elias (Napoli Vesevo/Pinocho & Argentina)
2008 -> Sergey Zuev (Viz-Sinara Ek. & Russia)
2007 -> Tiago (Malwee Futsal & Brazil)
2006 -> not celebrated
2005 -> not celebrated
2004 -> Luis Amado (Boomerang Interviu & Spain)
2003 -> Luis Amado (Boomerang Interviu & Spain)

Pillar of the iranian national team (Photo courtesy: IRIFF)

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