2010 AMF Ontario Futsal Championships Takes Place in March


Normally at futsalcanada.ca we only promote FIFA rules futsal competitions. But seeing as there is still a shortage of established tournaments out there we thought we’d promote one of the Ontario Futsal Association (not affiliated to the OSA or CSA) events. Anyone with a bit of education and/or experience in Canadian futsal knows that the game would take a dramatic leap forward if the AMF and FIFA groups united together under one banner so let’s hope the dialogue opens up further in 2010 between them. After all futsal is futsal, right?

Bob Luft, a longtime contributor to Canadian futsal based out of St. Thomas, ONT, is the organizer of this tournament which is now celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The competition is being held at the excellent RIM Park sports facility over the weekends of March 13/14th (Mens and womens) and the following weekend of March 20/21st (all youth divisions from U11-U18’s). RIM has two large courts with excellent hardwood and regulation size futsal nets.

AMF style futsal is slightly different from FIFA rules with the most notable difference being the utilization of throwins when the ball is put back in play. The ball is generally heavier and stays to the floor and a rather useless but fun fact is that their referees wear white pants, a white belt and white socks. An important item to note is that the AMF leagues are not affiliated with the districts. OSA, or CSA. There have been vocal differences between the two groups in Ontario and BC and the seperation has been a large burden on the sport’s development. Many teams play within the AMF system in Ontario, particularly amongst the Spanish communities in Toronto and London. Although newly created FIFA leagues have taken a larger part of the market share over the last couple of seasons the AMF leagues, formerly of the FIFUSA organization, continue to produce exellent young futsal players.

Each team is guaranteed 3 games featuring 2 x 15 minute halves and there are trophies and prizes to be won, and in the adult divisions the always sought-after cash prizes are there. If you have any further questions, please call Bob Luft PH: (519) 631-5852 or Fax: (519) 631-8262
e-mail: r.luft@sympatico.ca The website is www.ontariofutsal.on.ca

The AMF Futsal Laws of the Game can be found be linking here. Even if you’re not participating in the tournament of AMF leagues it is an interesting piece when comparing it to FIFA Futsal Laws.


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