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Kris Fernandes Kris Fernandes works to grow Futsal Canada through business development including developing new leagues across the country and promoting Canadian futsal across the world. He has helped create and bring in leagues into the FIFA system, was Operations Manager of the Futsal Canada Cup Tournament, and is as a Director with Futsal Canada. He served several years on the Ontario Soccer Association's Futsal Committee, on the CSA Futsal Task Force, and has covered numerous international futsal and soccer events for CBC Sports Online, Inside SOCCER Magazine, Futsal Planet and Futsal Focus.
Bob Tibbo Bob Tibbo is a Director with Futsal Canada and is Canada's only FIFA Futsal Referee Instructor and Assessor. He is the Director of Officiating for the Futsal Canada Cup Tournament, serves as President of the Ottawa District Futsal League and has conducted many courses in Canada and across the world.
Alex Kenol Alex Kénol is a Director at Futsal Canada and is the owner and operator of the Ligue de Futsal Etoile in the Montreal/Laval area. He is also a women's coach, having won multiple futsal championships, operates the annual Moustache Classique Tournament.