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U.S. Futsal Federation No Longer Owns Trademark for 'Futsal', Needs to Update Website

The so-called U.S. Futsal Federation (USFF) is not presenting an accurate representation of itself on its website. It is continuing to state that 'FUTSAL® (five-a-side soccer), is a registered trademark of the United States Futsal Federation, protected by Federal Law,' when that is not the case.



2010 AMF Ontario Futsal Championships Takes Place in March

Normally at we only promote FIFA rules futsal competitions. But seeing as there is still a shortage of established tournaments out there we thought we'd promote one of the Ontario Futsal Association (not affiliated to the OSA or CSA) events. Anyone with a bit of education and/or experience in Canadian futsal knows that the game would take a dramatic leap forward if the AMF and FIFA groups united together under one banner so let's hope the dialogue opens up further in 2010 between them. After all futsal is futsal, right?



Futsal World Rankings as of February 8th, 2010

Current World Rankings as of February 8 2010



UEFA Futsal Cup Final Four (Champions League of Futsal)

Benfica to stage futsal finals in Lisbon. This competition is the Champions League of European futsal.



2009 Umbro Futsal Awards by

The 10th annual Umbro Futsal Awards by have been finalized and here is the list of winnners. Categories include best player, best team, best female player, best goalkeeper, best coach and several others! Winners from years past are also included.