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How to Start a Futsal League

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The first thing to do is drop us an email and let us know which part of Canada you are in (There may already be a league there), what you are looking to do and we'll contact you back with the answers. We will work alongside you to make it happen.

So there is no futsal league in your area. Yeah, it sucks but there is something you can do to change that. It will benefit everyone involved with soccer and sports in your region and, of course, you'll become a local futsal leader. Here are some good steps involved with starting a league. If you have already started a futsal league and feel that there are some great ideas you can share with everyone please feel free to email us and let us know.

If you want to organize a Futsal league, read on.  The steps below are a decent preliminary step by step guide that should help you out.

Step 1:   Contact Futsal Canada for assistance, rules and training guides. The contact us link is at the very bottom right corner of the site.
Step 2: Call your local library, school or other public facility and request permission to hold an initial organizational meeting on their premises; secure a date, time and place.
Step 3: Hold an initial meeting of interested people you know who are or might be interested in helping you establish the league. Think of everyone as you never know who may be willing to help out.
Step 4: 

During the meeting:

a) Find out how many people you can count on to help.
b) Find out how many people have played futsal before.
c) Assign the formation of a futsal team/age division to each one of the members of the group.
d) Devise a plan at the meeting for promotion of the new league; use of radio, local newspapers, TV, posters, etc.
e) Appoint a person to organize Futsal clinics and contact the provincial association for assistance.
f) Appoint a committee to begin immediate work on the Constitution and By-Laws of the new League. Use FIFA Futsal Laws Of The Game.
g) Call your provincial pssociation and request they put on a seminar for referees and coaching clinics. if they can't, email and we'll put you in touch with the right people.

Step 5: Begin placing posters around the community (community centres, sports facilities, schools, grocery stores, places of business), informing people of the next organizational meeting and futsal teams sign-ups.
Step 6: Send press releases to the local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations. Even one published piece goes a long way.
Step 7: Consider advertising in small sports specific publications or websites. Ask your friends to spread information by word of mouth. Call every soccer club and academy, local ethnic clubs, religious centres, etc. The more you spread the word the more it travels.
Step 8: Contact any and all community centres and/or schools and request permission to put on a complimentary Futsal clinic in their gyms for their members. Make sure to also hand out a flyer/brochure to hand out to the kids at schools.
Step 9: Contact youth programs in your community and request permission to put on a complimentary Futsal clinic for their parents. Invite the parents and/or kids from soccer teams and inform of the massive benefits of playing futsal.
Step 10: Secure your gyms early on. Most winter gym rentals open in late/spring or summer maybe even earlier. This is vital.
Step 11: Contact area shopping malls and request permission to put a special booth advertising your Futsal program in the mall.
Step 12: 

Contact the local sporting goods stores and ask them if they will make player application forms available to their customers. Also ask them if they are able to sell futsal equipment.

Step 13: Utlize your contacts to obtain a sponsor or two to help with the costs of operating the program. Sponsorship goes a long way!


Kris Fernandes Kris works to grow Futsal Canada by developing new leagues across the country and promoting Canadian futsal across the world. He's helped create and bring leagues into the FIFA system, was Operations Manager of the Futsal Canada Cup Tournament. He served several years on the Ontario Soccer Association's Futsal Committee, was on the CSA Futsal Task Force, and has covered numerous international futsal and soccer events for CBC Sports Online, Inside SOCCER Magazine, Futsal Planet and Futsal Focus.
Bob Tibbo Bob Tibbo is a Director with Futsal Canada and is Canada's only FIFA Futsal Referee Instructor and Assessor. He is the Director of Officiating for the Futsal Canada Cup Tournament, serves as President of the Ottawa District Futsal League and has conducted many courses in Canada and across the world.
Alex Kenol Alex Kénol is a Director at Futsal Canada and is the owner and operator of the Ligue de Futsal Etoile in the Montreal/Laval area, part of the PLFQ. He is also a women's coach, having won multiple futsal championships, and also operates Montreal's most popular futsal competition; the annual Moustache Classique Tournament.